Spices : For a lot more than cooking & Spicing up food !

            For starter's some are great for relieving gas , Excellent for acid reflux ,ect. but that's not their true medicinal value. These are just a handful of them, with some of their use's.

Garlic - lowers blood pressure, cleans the Intestine's and tract.

Clove - Is good for a toothache especially if it's in oil form also rub the oil on

the temple's may help a headache.

Lemon - Good for insect bite's , don't forget how good it is with honey for coughs.

Nutmeg - Help's with restless night's a teaspoon and some molasses, pinch of cinnamon.

Chamomile - Calm's an upset stomach, help's to relax used as a tea or sprinkled in the tub either way, it work's.

Turmeric - Good for the oily skin, make a paste with oil, leave on the skin till it dries proven to clear skin, save on acne medicine

CINNAMON - Mixed with water to form a paste and placed on the forehead, can relieve sinus pressure / Headache's.

CELERY SEED'S - Are extremely effective for stomach and abdominal gas / pain, chew a little pinch and slug down a glass of tap water. ( room temp )

GINGER - Help's with lowering Cholesterol and also blood pressure in some case's.

PEPPER'S - Has so many different benefit's from helping you to sweat out a virus to improving circulation. This includes red and black pepper's. I myself use to sweat out cold's and flu, and of course chicken noodle soup !

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