Probably not !

         Well welcome to reality, Most people do not eat right, whether it being a fast paced daily schedule, or like many others just cant take the time to cook. The most nutritional meals for a recovering alcoholic consist of eating 3-4 times a day. A great way to get rid of the holding syndrome I call it . That's the habit Alcoholics get from constantly holding a Beer or a drink. I myself turned to Coffee. Now I just got to change that to drinking Water. And an occasional snack ,sweets help with craving.. B - Complex will help with the shakes. People that are in bad physical condition can really benefit from supplemental Vitamins but observe your intake, To much is not good either, excessive B complex actually caused internal bleeding in a case we studied. Evidently this person thought more is better. Remember 100% of daily allowance. I personally like results 1 at am 1 at pm. Also because drinking allot of water ,( wich we stress at least a gallon a day ) will remove vitamins from your body. So replace them!

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ALCOHOLISM - Depletes B-Complex 

There are numerous sources of information about Alcoholism and its effects on the body, The question you have to ask yourself is " How reliable is this information? " The answer is extremely reliable. Unfortunately we had to live it to know first hand how it can Quickly destroy your body. I believe Alcohol is the most destructive drug on the planet! I have watched healthy people become basically incapacitated by alcohol abuse. It is a slow and painful way to live and eventually DIE. We are happy to say that we have had great results in rejuvenating the body after substance abuse. It is not an easy task but does save the cost and repetitions of doctor visits, you have to also usually go through some form of after care ,counseling , All time consuming ,like I can afford it, never mind the time consumed trying to accomplish all that.      

Fact: Most people do not maintain the amount of VITAMIN intake needed for today's lifestyle !

(2) Fact: A Lack of certain VITAMIN's can lead to a weak IMMUNE SYSTEM & performance ! (3) Fact: MULTI VITAMIN's come in many brands and can really confuse you so what to do ? Look at what you eat, Think about what's in it and what's not. Do you show symptom's ? There are signs ! Skin rashes, sore joint's, etc. (4) Dehydration is also a not so well known cause for Joint problem's, and is more common than you would think. (4) B COMPLEX deficiency can be noticeable in heavy drinker's ( commonly called the shake's or D T s ) . (5) VITAMIN C is not just for colds, people really don't know as much as you would think, In this day and age. (6) Fact: Always read what is in the bottle remember to take your VITAMIN the same time every day, there are different needs for Men and Woman. Most women lack Iron, Men it is hard to tell some are constantly worried about how they are built so a lot of men already use Supplement's: Weight Gainers ,Protein Drinks , Etc. (7) Fact: A person can actually get all required Nutrient's just by eating, It's just can you? and will you? Trying to eat all the things you need is not only a pain in the ass but can also get confusing so that is where the Supplement's come in. They are cheap and do work! Of course nothing beat's a well tailored diet rich with Fruit's - Vegetable's - Unleavened bread's made with out yeast. yeast produce's toxic gases in your body and is not a well known. If you want to blow your mind go to meeting of the National Herbal Society , not only well you learn about herb's you well learn about everyday thing's that are constantly poisoning our bodies. We strongly recommend that more people join ! The more voice's the better the FDA can hear. And no we are no affiliation with them, but do recommend them!


There is real hope for a recovering Alcoholic whose body is broken down, Please read our page on rejuvenation and see how it has helped others with LIVER problems! And a solid - working treatment very useful for fatty LIVER - Enlargement from abuse. The damage can be reversed in most cases if caught before chronic disease. more 


Which include mass destruction of ORGANS throughout the body. Does this scare you? We hope so! Your body needs these Vitamins to maintain normal body function ALCOHOL DESTROYS VITAMINS B Complex is described better in the physical addiction article below. After 25 years of destructive drinking the news finally came, Do you want to live? As can be seen from several tests, the liver, Pancreas, Blood Sugar and from years of depleted nutrition and lack of B complex resulted in nerve damage. Also causing serious seizures, a stroke, Numerous times in the hospital from everything from coughing up blood to respiratory failure and 3 flat lines. Insanity ? A good REGIMENT was needed.

THE PHYSICAL ADDICTION "NO B Complex"  first to be noticed.

It comes on top off you when you would least expect it. This is basically the onset of DT'S. I really hate to tell you this FACT: Once you start with shakes its only the beginning EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! DT's can kill you. It can stop your heart give you a seizure among many other problems. What my research has concluded, is Once you get the SHAKES you'll get the again every time you drink to intoxication. Painful but it wont stop an Alcoholic "trust me" Even after 15 years without a single drop my first slip resulted as being one of the worst. WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO EXPRESS, Don't let it get that far I can not describe the pain of withdrawing, I was at a point when I would run down Walgreens at 4.00 am and get some mouthwash just to keep from convulsions OK Lets fix this! take  a double dose of B-COMPLEX ! for starters.


Probably the worst !  
It is unbelievable the way Alcohol controls every aspect, Brainfog it literally consumes you. Most Alcoholics that seek treatment through psychiatry all I can say is watch out ! They believe in diagnosing Alcoholics as " Bipolar " " Manic " , So lets give you an Antidepressant - Maybe a Tranquilizer your fixed except you'll be on mind controlling DRUGS ! Deal with the real problem. Which is the hardest thing I've done, sure went on the wagon a few times "DON'T WORK" One thing I do recommend is wean yourself off. Or go through DETOX.