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Have been tested, and carry the VIRUS ? Important, Check your Genotype !

         Because of the seriousness of this subject we will not suggest that Herbs will cure this. Genotype is extremely important in the amount of treatment you need. Do not go into treatments blind, Ask your gastro doctor! Remember most doctors do not agree with herbal treatments. But In fact they can help with the treatments aftermath, and can help prepare you. They can help by lowering enzyme levels in the LIVER. The best way at this point is to get tested, If you test positive do not panic. This will only add to the stress of what's ahead for you ! We would also like to let you know there is a new type treatment getting ready to be tested. We will bring you the news as it come in. We have lots of information on Hepatitis from clinical chronic sufferers that are going through and some who finished , Treatment almost always at the vary least moves your liver into a working condition. By lowering a stage or 2 but most so far are cured ! If you maintain a 0 reading on a hep panel test for over 6 months after treatment odds are you have cleared the Virus and (cured they say) we will see.


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The Liver - How is it Treated ? Can it be cured ?

This approach was taken for a liver problem that was diagnosed. After learning that my LIVER was spent ,It didn't come as to much of a shock. Considering the ALCOHOL abuse I lived. As a REGIMENT of MILK THISTLE and DANDELION capsules( when ever fresh dandelion is available scratch the supplement and eat the greens like salad ,chew and suck on the roots) make a tea whatever. I just chew and pretty much eat it except for the ends. It may sound gross but it does not taste bad at all. I drink a 16oz. power-ade. 3 times a day because I just can not seem to drink enough water. I personally think that the same time every day! The Theory is good. Try not to get high doses of Iron this is not good for the liver. I also need to mention this is a month on and a month off program. Steady use of milk thistle over long periods is not good either. That's where the 1 on 1 off come in! This has been going on now for about a year with nothing but good results. I have since had a chance to speak with a highly recommended speaker at NHS and he said that it might be even better if it was changed to 6 days on 1 day off and that it would give the body that day to work on it's own. I think that sounds intelligent to me. This is a update on The liver is the only organ that can reproduce or regenerate it self that is how I originally came up with my own REGIMENT. The biggest problem with a liver treatments they can be a try this then try that, meaning what work's for one may not work with other's! It just so happens to be that these 2 particular herb/Antioxidant's were the 1st. tried and appear to be vary effective. There are a couple of other HERBAL REMEDIES that I will try if swelling or any other problem's arise. That is one of the best advantage's of HERB s and ANTIOXIDANT 's is that there are so many different type's of combo's so if one does not work you have more option's than with modern medicine, and less side effect's we stress use your head! Since this writing liver test results were OK As you can see below enzyme level and lipid test are above normal now you have to keep in mind 2 yrs ago the enzyme level was about 5 times this level. But will attempt to try for ultimate removal of all toxic enzymes, I have decided that the dandelion and milk thistle just could not seem to give a total REPAIR as numbers go. So, I have great results by any medical standard, But I believe it can get near perfect I will outline my 3 key treatment ingredients after the test results. We will see how this combination work's. One drawback that is important, is that I refuse to quit smoking! And I still have problem with drinking water, Which is extremely important! And eating fresh fruit very beneficial to the liver. So with this in mind. I will follow my own advice and spruce up the diet. It all seemed to boil down to lots of Dandelion and usage of milk thistle . Absolutely no alcohol cool it on the coffee! And can maintain reasonable enzyme and toxin levels. Also noticed and can not explain a extremely good blood pressure reduction, went from a high average to 115 / 68 considering an ex heavy drinker and heavy smoker with a bizarre diet, life style. heavy stress not bad results! After a long period of this and abstinence from Caffeine and alcohol, and a heavy exercise regiment this individual was able to be rid of fatty liver and appears to be fit, and in excellent condition. We are working on a new page involving a different treatment these pages will be saved for reference and viewed at any time under herbal treatment for liver .UPDATE To this day I swear the combination of Dandelion, Milk thistle ,Water, and of course exercise was what turned everything around I could actually feel the difference after 1 week of the above. That was actually pretty unbelievable Considering of the progression that usually takes place with any Kidney, Liver, pancreas . I said Its time to really go back to my regiment as of date started gaining good quick recovery. I just woke up one day and asked myself how do I want to end up after thinking I though bull#### I was not going to give up The biggest change was going from about 3 to 31/2 gallons of back to a gallon 1/2 water, It was removing all the vitamins ,Electrolytes remember more is not BETTER. Also the mental out look changed , thinking had to be controlled know it is coming back to the seraquil for sleep. Must admit with everything tried that is the most practical in a professional setting with least side effects. As of last month I came up with 0 and this originally by their treatment for 48 weeks, not bad after 5 months Keep in mind My liver had genotype 1 and 2 , 1 is the hardest to pass. Considered extremely hard to get rid of Ask your doctor see what he says . Then go by logic! Read about hepatitis and more. here.           


don't count 
on it ! Some herbs will help to slow down the progression, But they have to our knowledge would not be trusted for a cure! There are herbs such as Milk Thistle, Believe it or not Dandelion has had great personal results , it is one of the best Antioxidants out there, Just for the picking. You can do a search to the left for supportive Herbs. But realistically, If you test positive or know you have it. Seek treatment from a experienced Gastro Doctor. The average Doctor knows very little about hepatitis ! And when you consult a Gastro ask how many hepatitis patients he or she has treated ! This is the most Important course of action ! because of the lack of Doctors that have the actual treatment information.    


 It was originally to be 6-7 shots a week before introduction of Pegasys Chemically called Peginterferon Alfa - 2a  which is made by Roche. is taken by injection, They are virtually painless. It is injected into the fat. It sounds scary but is a walk in the park for most. They are only about a 1/4" into the fat. The body actually produces this chemical but on a much lower then needed level. This just adds to the Bodies needed level to attack the virus. But unfortunately it will not work alone. They prescribe Ribavirin to keep the virus from mutating. One more important fact is your Genotype makes a difference on length of treatment. But not everyone can take the TREATMENT. We will list experienced side effects that make it impossible to go through the whole 48 weeks. Our subject was clear after 16 weeks " excellent " but because of blood count , had to discontinue after 7 months. It really tears up the body. subject lost 45LBS. After only 4 months but continued staying on treatment , as long as could he possibly could even though he was getting extremely fragile, The main cause " Blood count" CBC , low white  and red blood cells , Extremely ANEMIC. Now to finish the cure. A little help from some good ANTIOXIDANTS . More    


 The pills make most weak and tired or in some cases cause mania, all and all, Although I will say there are days when you will feel like crap ! they aren't as bad as the disease is ! I will give final results after treatment. Many people are giving some other medication, to help with side effects. I myself just could not handle Psych meds, They made my mind out of control. More


Probably the worst !  
Side effect I've experienced was SLEEP deprivation, Loss of weight and Irritability. Minor fever or Cold sweats I myself just could not handle Psych meds, They made my mind out of control. I stress if possible stay away from any Psych meds that will not help with mania and nerves. Unless your doctor or psych says to stay on them. Regular meds they like to prescribe really crashed with my thinking, Allowed many panic attacks. they can be frightening because even with a strong mind there was no way to control it mentally. but they are some things you get  to tolerate after a while. Unfortunately. There are others you can do a search on. It is also extremely important to have Blood test to determine if your Blood Cell count is not LOW or High. In this case it is procrit that is being used to bring blood cell count back up. To acceptable levels. After about 1 month of sleep medication ( Seraquil) the side effects seemed to lesson. This could be from getting a normal amount of sleep. Ask a Professional about your options. 


The Physical side effects can be different, Every person has had some serious reactions to the Medications. I will outline the whole treatment process and give the worst of the 7 cases I am monitoring .The first symptom you will encounter Immediately after you start. 1) fever ,Flu like feeling Temperature averaged high for the first couple of weeks. After a while they are not so frequent  (2) Fatigue ,It can be a real kicker, some days you wont want to move. The legs are sore and walking can be tiring and painful. (3) Sleep deprivation is common " Ribavirine " Makes it difficult to sleep good. I personally take seraquil it works good. I just don't like the fact it is considered a Psychiatric drug. (4) Another problem is the blood count goes crazy, I also after about 3 months , Needed a shot of Procrit to raise my red blood cells twice to four times a month. (5) Weight loss is reported in just about every case. Me I lost 45 pounds in 5 months. Went back to my original regiment and have been gaining weight back. After going from 170 lbs to 126lbs in 3 months of treatment. You must eat, The  thought of eating for most is later or just skip it, But you must try to maintain your weight be cause the medication runs most bodies down. Our subject was removed from treatment because of Blood Test even with Procrit and other meds they could not bring CBC blood test normal. But that is not really the majority.This takes real willpower in my case I now, for the last month started with  my out lined regiment. A few changes made the response so much more effective back on Dandelion three times a day. But I only take 550mg 3 times a day 200mg milk thistle 1 time a day. Most importantly exercise water power aide or Gatorade 2 bottles a day 1 in morning to hydrate after a night with no water. Be proactive and better equip your Liver for new health. I have seen it in lots of cases, total rejuvenation. I am trying to get in touch with company that makes  my power drink to get some breakdown on It.  Why every other weight gainer sucked. This works well and does not seem to change my blood test except in a positive direction. I am using water vitamins, any drink with Electrolytes. read the regiment page and give it a try you'll feel almost normal the REGIMENT has answers but if you have no motivation this isn't for you !


The Healthy LIVER most important Organ !
It is responsible for removing toxins from our bodies. Just stop and think for a minute about all the crap you inhale every day, The toxins that are absorbed from even your skin. Always use  Anti bacterial soap they KILLS GERMS in seconds. GET TESTED save your health ! Even if you just want a plain healthy liver take Milk Thistle and try Dandelion ,There are others but this worked best in several test subjects. This is the Liver you want !