1) If you have a Psychiatric condition other than "Mild DEPRESSION" or "MEMORY loss ", and some "ANXIETY" you should always consult a physician. (2) Also, any time a person that has been on PSYCH MEDICATION for any length of time tries to quit the medication has a great chance, of having  serious relapse and will hit it's worse case scenario! This has been seen time after time. They would need to slowly and gradually be taken off medication while being monitored by their doctor. The amount of people that have abused alcohol and / or drug's have usually been diagnosed as Bi-Polar and quickly put on medication "This is relayed by numerous clients in recovery. I would have to wonder is this the answer? In substance abuse your brain is always MEDICATED by the drug of choice. So, the brain gets addicted. When it is dried out it goes radical. Pot smokers after many years of heavy use, will probably not get a true good nights sleep for years, after quitting, That is how many get diagnosed. If I weren't  worried about getting sewed or getting a bunch of flack I would tell you a few unbelievable stories. All that we suggest is get a opinion from a person in recovery. Something that was told to me was that people run on what is called, a dry drunk for years. If you choose to go on medication get analyzed by a substance abuse professional. You may not really be Bi-Polar but, just going through mental withdraws. Don't let anyone tell you your detoxed in 30 days. Maybe, physically! But, not mentally! We don't want to get into the medical aspects as,it could go on and on. This is just an observed opinion by many. That is why we would never recommend to try herbs instead of your psych. meds. It is much more dangerous than quitting drugs or alcohol. Look at this logically, psych. meds work on brain functions. It is much more concentrated into the brain than substance abuse. Now, I personally have met numerous people in recovery, who have been able to get off meds for depression. I guess it really depends on the individual, and the desire. I would imagine that if you are reading this you can probably tell, I myself am in recovery. After a long battle with the bottle and prescriptions. Which caused many medical and psychological problems. There sure has been a bunch of them. After your 1st year the mental addiction goes away for most. At this point is when you can benefit from herbs the most. This probably sounds strange a herbal vitamin site that isn't trying to sell you an herb for that. But, we started this site to help people who can't really afford, or even know how to get information or help. home

3) The Kava Root has been effective for anxiety, and for relaxation in the hawaiian Island's for 100s of year's.

4) Ginko Baloba has been proved in some studies to be effective for memory loss and mild cases of Alzheimers .

For lots of information on mental health visit this link to  THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF M.H.

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