The Worlds most Effective non Drugs ! They are everywhere, you can learn a vast amount of information from our assorted pages!

The power HERBS !


Now We will give you the general consensus of HERBS "Do they work?"  "What should I take?" "How can they help me?"

(1) Fact: The Chinese have been using them for centuries ,with out modern MEDICINE, scary isn't it? how much are we wasting

(2) Fact: They are so closely intertwined with ANTIOXIDANTS basically you should take both!

(3) Fact: They are natural not designed in a lab read some of the side effect's of plain old over the counter drug's not only do you need reading glasses to see what can happen, by the time I am done I figure I'll just deal with it, not worth taking a chance over a problem I can deal with alternatively.

(4) Fact: HERBS are vary well tolerated by and ENHANCE many Medication's that you may require just always check first!

(5) Fact: Why would so many companies invest millions to research them I wonder if any prescription drug companies are? Well what kind of money can you make on HERB plant's?

(6) Fact: there are 100 s of different Herb's, trust me you don't need them all, Do a search on your specific diagnosis , Also  take the precautionary one's like Echinacea  witch may help reduce the chance of a cold or flu & HERBAL green's will flush and keep you somewhat toxin free. as compared to a non user. at the top of this page get any HERB you could possibly need.




Getting good Supplements is very Important !

There are numerous sources of information about Herbs and there effects on the body, The question you have to ask yourself is " How reliable is this information? " The answer is extremely reliable. Unfortunately we had to live it to know first hand how it can Quickly destroy your body. I believe Alcohol is the most destructive drug on the planet! I have watched healthy people become basically incapacitated by alcohol abuse. It is a slow and painful way to live and eventually DIE. We are happy to say that we have had great results in rejuvenating the body after substance abuse. It is not an easy task but does save the cost and repetitions of doctor visits, you have to also usually go through some form of after care ,counseling like I can afford it, never mind the time consumed trying to accomplish all that. There are better ways!