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      Will provide you with information that we have collected on actual Treatments that are being used by people with no insurance or way to pay for high cost of medications. We are not doctor's or make any claims to treat! Doctor's can not even treat you with herbal treatments . WHY? not FDA approved that's why. For centuries  people have been using Herbal and Antioxidant type treatment's. Therapies that have been proven to work on all types of disease, ranging from liver disease to cancer inhibitor's. As a firm believer of these type of treatment's, we here at Herbal and Vitamin are constantly looking into all claim's of treatment. There is help out there and we will try to bring you the most information that we can. Like our page say's no false claims.

                      If you have a treatment that work's, we want to hear from you! send info to: webmaster@www.herbalandvitamin.com with details you could help someone too, it is very gratifying . One personal test involved total reconditioning after a long discussion with doctors and other health professionals giving me crap about insurance and all these treatments, their cost. Well fortunately I decided I would try a treatment, regiment what ever you want to call it it. Being the liver and the severity of toxin's and extremely high enzyme's that were in the blood from years of Alcohol and prescription medication abuse. The test paid off, read true. This is not a sale's pitch of any kind and also proves you don't need expensive tonics or concoctions. We will bring you more specifics on how they have worked side effect free! more to come. We will continue to expand your knowledge of herbal uses, and the real medicinal value of gods creation of plant's! One note at hand it is extremely hard to get a physician to reinforce their use, or to even admit that they are in fact a medication in their own sense herbal medicineHome

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