Why are they saying new breakthrough on T.V? They have been around since fire. from A-Z check below and you will see!


                                        This page will describe in simpler term's, the benefits of Antioxidant's for your health.
Please read the facts, and then check our fantastic Antioxidant -Vitamins and Supplements  like CoQ10 Doctor recommended for a healthy HEART plus many other ANTIOXIDANT vital for anti-ageing, to many benefit's to List! Co-enzyme is the bomb! There was a person that had a interesting statement he heard that an apple sitting out turn's brown, And actually thought that was going to happen to his body ! Well Not Correctly Put! But similar

(1) Fact: Antioxidants / Free Radicals: all the toxins in our bodies such as pollution and preservative's , physical stress and natural body use of oxygen produce harmful free Radical's what is a FREE RADICAL? They are unstable compound's that carry an extra electron. The Antioxidant excepts that extra electron (basically they battle it out and the Antioxidant hopefully wins ).This is the process of oxidation, the browning of the apple.

(2) Fact: also that combination of certain Herb's and Antioxidant's with combined nutrition, have in fact: Cured many different ailment's and in other case's it is used to control LIVER DYSFUNCTION and to help LIVER by removing the same toxin's that your liver is supposed to. This is extremely helpful with any type of degenerative disease's such as late stages of Alcoholism, any type of Hepatitis, Cancer's, We recommend that if you have any type of cancer's that you check National Cancer Society they get specific with details that could save your life!

(3) Fact: Reduced size of inflamed organ's This has been verified by a personal experience and medical test! The most noted result's for my test case was combo of MILK THISTLE (take low doses of milk thistle and not over prolonged use, am actually going to can the milk thistle shortly. I think that the milk thistle has been used long enough in regular doses, and DANDELION  really has shown good results in past. and is still used to date. My LIVER went from near failure to good medical condition recent test were good. But not at my goal of normal to low range of enzyme test.

(4) Fact: Any type of HERB and or ANTIOXIDANT REGIMENT can not hurt, think about it there is nothing but benefit's CAUTION if you take medication check with your doctor there are some INTERACTION'S on some med's. Don't forget to check out our VITAMIN PAGE.    HOME

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