What is Herbal medicine ? What are medicinal Herbs ? Well first herbal medicine is the art of using natural plant's to promote healing and Treatment's. We should also be reminded that these were the only type of treatment's before modern medicine . A medicinal Herb is any plant that exhibits healing properties, There are  treatments for all types of diseases and ailments. They are used for everything from rashes to cancer, extremely effective for treatments for diseases of Liver and Pancreas. Also many others!

Herbal Medicine or Pharmaceuticals ?

That well have to be a personal decision based on what your problem is, the severity and of course the treatments that are known to be successful. As compared to A drug that has a whole damn page of side effects. Just please do not go against medical advice! Herbs will never take the place of prescription drugs. They sure are not going to revive your heart or keep you alive in an emergency .Keep these things in your mind when you are making decisions!

Will Herbs work for everybody?

The answer to that is no not every one responds to herbs the same, especially we have noticed with Liver and Pancreas. The only way to know is with what some herbalist say experimentation. It sounds scary but basically that is what they do with drugs but if an herb doesn't work that's it you try another but guess what your not destroying your body with drugs. While in the process.

Are Herbs safe ?

According to most published reports they are. As long as they are not abused or used in excessive doses. They also seem to have little to no side effects As we always say if you have concerns ask your doctor. The problem that I was faced with is my doctor doesn't appreciate the value of herbs. Some day they will all work together. Till then use your brain.  back to main page